Wit & Pepper

handcrafted jewelry... made in Seattle, WA

Wit & Pepper is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where inspiration is plentiful. 

Inspired by geometric shapes juxtaposed with nature, W&P emphasizes clean, moveable shapes, hand-wrapped tubular beads in brass and precious metals.  These angular talismans are sometimes paired with individually procured semi-precious stones.

Founded in 2005 under the name myOlivette by Angela Montgomery, W&P has transformed into the light and modern designs of recent years.   Montgomery studied metalsmithing, enameling, painting and photography and received her Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University, located in East Central Indiana.  She spent the next decade in the serene deserts of Arizona, exploring painting, design and cold connection metalworking.  In 2013 she moved to the rich green environment of Seattle Washington where she works from her home studio in the neighborhood of West Seattle.    


Handcrafted in Seattle, WA